Marijuana Laws In Other Countries

The United States pretty much stands alone in completely outlawing medical marijuana. Marijuana laws in other countries and nations such as Austria, Canada and the United Kingdom have legalized medical marijuana in some form or other.


In 2008, Austria approved cannabis cultivation for scientific and medical uses.

In Germany, medical marijuana has been available for prescription since the 1990’s.

In Spain, medical cannabis was decriminalized over a decade ago. Several studies in Spain focused on how marijuana impacts people suffering from AIDS, cancer and other terminal and auto-immune diseases. The results of the studies led to the establishment of many consumption clubs and user associations in that country. The first such club was established as far back as 1991, and each is a nonprofit association that grows cannabis and sells it at cost to members.

In the U.K., possession of small quantities of cannabis does not warrant an arrest or court appearance much at all.

In Belgium, it is legal to consume and possess small quantities in one’s own home.

North America

In Canada, medical marijuana was legalized in 2001.

In Mexico, cannabis was decriminalized for personal use of up to 5 grams in 2009.

South America

In Argentina, marijuana is legal for personal use in small amounts and for consumption in private locations. Public consumption is also accepted among young adults and overlooked by police in many cases.

In Colombia, marijuana is legal in small amounts for personal consumption.


In China, marijuana is legal…except for recreational drug use. Cannabis is cultivated for its seeds and fiber and is used in many medicines.


In Australia, marijuana was decriminalized for personal use in quite a few territories.

As you can see, many “industrialized” nations such as China and even Canada have far more progressive marijuana laws in other countries than the United States, and many countries widely accept the impact marijuana has as a medical drug. While the overall stigma still surrounds “pot” in the states, many other nations have accepted its use.

by doc420master