How to get a renewal

If you are a renewal from any doctor I will consider you a renewal in my office as well. This is my way of saying hello and welcome to Doc420. I hope to make this experience as easy and informative as possible for you.

All you have to do is follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Come into any of my locations anytime during walk-in hours for a completely free evaluation. Click here for locations and hours.

I am required by law to verify your identity in person and therefore a renewal must be done in person at the clinic and cannot be done over the phone or by email.

When you come to the clinic please bring a valid California identification card or driver's license and your last original recommendation. If you are a renewal from another doctor we must see the original recommendation, not just a copy or a card. If you do not have California ID or driver's license, click here. If you are doing a renewal from me (at some point one of the offices of Dr. Sona Patel a.k.a Doc420 gave you a medical marijuana recommendation) then you do not have to bring your original recommendation with you. Once you become our patient we have your information saved in our system and we can find you by your name.

You do not have to bring medical records with you, but I highly recommend you bring them if you can.

Step 2

Walk up to the receptionist window and let her know you are a "renewal". The receptionist will ask for your ID and last original recommendation (only if you were not previously a patient with me before) and give you paperwork to complete.

Please complete the paperwork the best you can and return to the receptionist. The doctor will call your name when it is your turn. It usually takes anywhere between 10-40 minutes for your turn. If you are in a rush you can schedule an Express VIP appointment for an additional $25, click here.

Step 3

The doctor will give you a free evaluation to see if you qualify. If you do not qualify, you do not pay. If you qualify then you go back to the receptionist window and pay $30.00 for your medical marijuana recommendation renewal which you will be able to use for 1 year. I highly suggest getting a photo identification card for an additional $20.00. This card is for extra protection from law enforcement.

You can read more about the benefits of the identification card in my book, "The Comprehensive Guide to Medical Marijuana" or in my DVD, "The World of Medical Marijuana".

Step 4

You will leave the office with your medical marijuana recommendation renewal and you can start using it immediately.

You can have the peace of mind of knowing that I have been recommending medical marijuana for over 8 years now and I am proud to say I have one of the best verification systems in the state. If you have any questions then please contact me and I would be happy to answer them for you. I hope you like my service and return to do a renewal again with me next year.

You can also find more information in my book, "The Comprehensive Guide to Medical Marijuana" or in my DVD, "The World of Medical Marijuana".

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